Welcome to the Automatic Driving School West Lothian

The Automatic Driving School West Lothian offers both automatic and manual driving instruction.

We teach learner drivers throughout West Lothian, covering all towns in and around Armadale, Bathgate, Livingston and Linlithgow.

We may also(on occasions) offer driving lessons outwith West Lothian, including Edinburgh, Falkirk and beyond.

We're making those who think they can't drive mobile.               


The alternative is now a fully fledged option.  Learn to drive an automatic rather than a manual car.


There are many reasons for someone wanting to learn to drive in an automatic car:-


AGE. Some people may find that having left getting a driving licence

latter in life, the thought of dealing with gears is a definite no no. Well now the choice is there.


HEALTH. The number of pupils today who now can positivly look at driving an automatic when manual driving is completetly out of the question. Amputees, leg or arm weakness along with many others fall into this category.


TRIED IT, DON'T LIKE IT. Those who for one reason or another just cannot co-ordinate the gears of a manual car. Well now there is an alternative.


SPEED. Learning to drive in an automatic car usually takes less time to reach test standard. This however, is not always the case. People learn at their own pace.




If you pass an automatic test, you DO NOT need to resit your theory test if you want to convert to a manual license. All you have to do is book a MANUAL practical test.


Your full automatic licence is valid as a provisional manual licence and you must drive with L plates and comply with learner legislation.


If you require either automatic or manual driving lessons, then the Automatic Driving School West Lothian is here to help!

Contact either:-     Stacey Dickson on +44(0)7725 303214      or Ray Lynch on +44(0)7711 336452   to book your lessons now!

Automatic Driving School



for Armadale, Livingston, Bathgate, Linlithgow and other towns in West Lothian. 


We cover areas outwith West Lothian but this is strictly by special arrangement. 


We also offer Manual Driving Lessons!!

Whether you require automatic or manual driving lessons, contact either of the above instructors now!


Reduced rates

You can book 10 hours of lessons with us and we'll give you a discount!


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